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Deal Flow Miami is a free investor group and publication comprised of Founders, Angel Investors, Limited Partners, & Venture Capitalists. In each newsletter, authors Brian Breslin (@BrianBreslin) & Jared Schwitzke (@JaredSchwitzke) highlight some of South Florida’s most exciting startups, giving readers an opportunity to meet with the founders. The companies are industry agnostic, and often at the Pre-Seed to Series A-stages. No information is distributed to our readers without explicit approval from the founders.

About the Authors

Brian Breslin (@BrianBreslin) is the Founder of Refresh Miami, the oldest & largest tech & entrepreneurial community in Florida. He is also the Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Miami, & co-host of The #MiamiTech Pod, a weekly show that highlights recent news, events, happenings, & trends in the #MiamiTech community.

Jared Schwitzke (@JaredSchwitzke) is an Operator/Investor based in Miami, Florida. Having spent more than a decade in Silicon Valley, Jared’s career began at Apple & Google. He then helped start Spring Labs, a fintech startup that has raised more than $50m to date, as its 1st employee. Most recently, he was Head of Platform & Portfolio Services at GreatPoint Ventures, an early-stage VC firm founded by entrepreneurs who have, in total, generated more than $300B in enterprise value throughout their careers.

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Brian Breslin

Serial entrepreneur. https://brianbreslin.com

Jared Schwitzke

Operator/Investor. Previously GreatPoint Ventures, Apple, Google, Spring Labs.